Komer Kreations Wellness and Selfcare Center is a place to assist you in taking care of you.  I am the sole provider for the Reiki for this site. My name is Christine Komer, Owner of Komer Kreations LLC, and it is my honor to assist you.  I offer to you and your beloved pets of all kinds, Distance Reiki. I am now blessed to have a physical shop in West Topsham, VT.  I create selfcare products that I make myself from herbs that either I grow personally or obtain from a local herbalist shop. All products that I sell are made with my hands and my heart.  I also make a variety of candles and only use waxes that are soy or beeswax.


A little about myself. I am a Licensed Nurse of 20 years with specialties in Rehab, Cardiac and Hospice. I am Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified in Animal Reiki, Certificate in Rigpa Sound Healing and a Member of the International Reiki Organization and a certified Herbalist. I make candles, salves, balms, lotions and other items for selfcare. Have need of a gift? I also make a variety of fun items as well.  If you have a special request, please dont hesitate to ask. I am here to assist you if I can as we walk our paths in this life. 

Some items are made to order for shelf-life reasons.  

Please take a moment to browse my website and feel free to reach out, as my studies and adventures in life continue, I may add more opportunities to assist you in other areas.  Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and blessings to you.